Group Training at DGPI, Functional training to help you get results!

Group Fitness: Using the best training methods to get you in shape, as a team!

Workout Basics: master fitness fundamentals first! 

First things first, paperwork, no fun but we have to do it.

Then we get started with our warm up. This gives our coaches the opportunity to assess your ability to perform some key moves, the squat, lunge, deadlift, row, press, twist, and how you run. 

This DOES NOT mean we are loading crazy weight, we are just checking how you perform that specific pattern. In fact, none of those moves need to be loaded at all.

Then, we start training. The focus will change from day to day depending on where the groups are at, but it will be FUN and challenging. Below are some of the training methods we use!

Circuit Training: One of the most effective ways to increase fat burning, while gaining muscle!

A method that has been around for quite a while for a simple reason, because it works. Circuit training is combining a series of movements done back to back. The resistance is kept fairly light with an emphasis on form and a higher than normal pace. 

The group environment will help you tremendously! Having people around you with similar objectives is a hard feeling to replicate on your own. This environment sets our clients up perfectly to achieve their goals. 

Weight Training: The fastest path to a healthier, stronger you!

Using barbells and dumbbells has for a long time gotten a bad rap. We think differently at DGPI. With benefits ranging from increased mental wellness to a longer life, there is simply no reasons not to include weight training. 

At DGPI we will incorporate weights often in our group fitness environment. The resistance will be higher than in our circuit training but is always adjusted to the strength of our clients. This allows for safety while encouraging growth. 

Core Training: The foundation for an athletic, healthy body!

When most people think of the core, they think of washboard abs and slim waists. There are way more muscles involved, but just know that it is incredibly important to develop a complete core that will protect us from injury as we progress through our training. 

We incorporate core work in all of our group fitness classes. At DGPI we train like athletes so we are always using our core, but we will spend time doing training designed just for getting our stomachs tight! 

See you soon, 

DGPI's Coaches 

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