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our golf lessons create your best swing! our program has produced over 300 tournament victories, hope you're next.

How Golf Lessons At DGPI Improve your Golf game from beginner to pro!

At  we offer the most complete golf lessons available through the use of our training aids, 15 years of coaching, and our state of the art indoor simulator, the one the pros use!

Coach Brendan developed a passion for golf at an early age. As his career as a high school and eventually D1 athlete was ending, his passion for golf was starting to grow. This passion is what has driven him to become a top 100 Golf Coach on the planet and produce over 300 tournament victories with his athletes!

The first thing we do as coaches with new clients is our assessment. We check for ankle mobility, knee stability, hip mobility, lower back mobility, t-spine mobility, and shoulder stability.

If you're all good there we move on to the golf fundamentals. When teaching the golf basics at DGPI, we start with our GAPPS.




Position of ball


As Seen On TV: Our Episode of the Golf Scene

These are the foundation of the swing we teach at DGP, the rotational swing. Classic golfers like Sam Snead used this swing and we practice it at the Doyle Golf & Performance Institute because it allows us to avoid huge misses on the course.

After we teach the swing and establish our fundamentals, we get to work and use our training aids and indoor golf simulator to create the perfect golfer. The indoor golf simulator collects every piece of data needed to improve your swing. We get multiple angles of the swing and can use the data to make adjustments on the fly. Not only do we improve the swing, but improve your entire game.

At the Doyle Golf & Performance Institute we ARE NOT solely swing coaches, we are GOLF COACHES. This means we are going to work that short game AND the long game. This is missing in this industry and its unfortunate.

During our offseason we put a tremendous amount of work into our putting. Again using technology to improve our stroke. Coach Brendan has never missed a putt and this video proves it!

The final component of our lessons is the work we put in the gym. We are a facility that prides ourselves on our decades of experience as athletic coaches. This reduces our chance at injury and will increase your performance as a golfer!

Thanks guys see you soon!

Coach Brendan

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